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Founded in 1985, FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD is a ribbon supplier that can be custom configured to meet the most demanding of process applications. With the support and dedication of our qualified and skilled team professionals, we are gaining acceptance in the market. Our name is synonymous with the supreme quality that we hold in the manufacture and fabrications of all our products. FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan plaid ribbon manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service.


Plaid Ribbon

Our company offers a variety of Ribbon, such as Plaid Ribbon, Rainbow Ribbon, Wired Sheer Ribbon, Wired Ombre Sheer, Wired Sheer, and Omber Sheer.









These products can be customized according to your requirements(EX: color).

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FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of plaid ribbon. Our aim is to offer quality standard equipment to our clients, which are made in accordance with international standards. FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD is a leading independent ribbon supplier, centrally located in Taiwan to service all areas of the country easily and effectively and with our own transport for flexibility and speed. We have always laid all our focus on our customers, their needs and demands which helped us develop products that meet their exact requirements.