FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD. is one of well-known wholesale ribbon supplier, established in 1985, manufacturing a broad range of ribbon related products, including grosgrain ribbon, wired metallic ribbon, wired ombre ribbon, wired metallic ombre sheer, wired metallic rainbow ribbon, X'mas ribbon, plaid ribbon, ribbon box, wired double face satin, and so on. FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD. offers not only high-quality ribbons and competitive prices to worldwide customers, but also continuously design new style ribbons to satisfy all kinds of customers. Moreover, customer's exclusive designs are accepted. To find out more detail information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone. We are your best choice for a wholesale ribbon manufacturers.

Christmas Ribbons, Christmas Ribbon Supplier

As a powerful ribbon supplier, FRIEND CHIU CO., LTD offers industry standard Christmas Ribbon. Our ribbon is designed to fit the customer’s standards, as well as applicable domestic and international standards.
Product Name : Christmas Ribbon Description
Christmas Ribbon is referred to all types of ribbon that have metallic, shiny, and colors. Friend Chiu Co., Ltd. has been specializing in Ribbon for many years offering Christmas Ribbon specializing in Gift Wrapping Ribbon. Friend Chiu Co., can provide you high quality Christmas Ribbon, We can made different Christmas Ribbon, ex: color and size.

Customers are very welcomed to research & develop products with us and we also accept custom christmas Ribbon order requested such as width, color, design, and so on.

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Christmas Ribbon

Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Christmas Ribbon, Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain Ribbon, Sheer, and Print Ribbon.

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